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Regional produce market


The market in Turckheim offers a variety of local products (vegetables, fruits, cheese, meat, textiles) from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. The market should be held in strict compliance with social distancing and barrier gestures.

  • Place de la République 68230 Turckheim
  • Friday from 08h00 at 12h00

Conferences: faces of history

DU Thursday 11 MAR 2021 AU Thursday 22 APR 2021

March 11: Jeanne d'Arc, a saint for France - March 18: Charles de Foucauld - March 25: Mirabeau - April 1: Abbé Grégoire - April 8: Louise Michel, the passionaria of the Commune - April 15: Jules Ferry - April 22: Robert...

  • 6 rue du Conseil Hôtel de Ville 68230 Turckheim
  • Thursday from 18h30 at 20h00

Concert from Terkabrass

LE Sunday 28 MAR 2021

Small group of enthusiasts, above all friends active members of the Harmony Echo of Turckheim, the Terkabrass is placed under the direction of Caroline Fussner. You can appreciate the virtuosity of its musicians, in a varied...

  • 1 rue de l'Huilerie Espace Rive Droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Sunday from 17h00 at 18h30

Round of the night-watchman

DU Saturday 03 APR 2021 AU Monday 05 APR 2021

Special rounds of the Night watchman a Sunday and Easter Monday.

  • Corps de Garde Place Turenne 68230 Turckheim
  • Monday, Saturday, Sunday from 22h00 at 23h00

Arrival of the Hare of Easter

LE Sunday 04 APR 2021

The hare of Easter welcomes the children, the distribution of Easter eggs

  • Square du Corps de Garde 68230 Turckheim
  • Sunday from 11h15 at 11h45

Musical show by Gadjo Michto

LE Saturday 10 APR 2021

The music of the Gadjo Michto reveals an enthusiasm and an infectious energy. The 6 musicians take you into their klezmer-swing musical universe, where the intimate, the festive, and where, finally, Slobanie becomes reality.

  • 1 Rue de l'Huilerie Espace Rive Droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Saturday from 20h30 at 22h00

Show : lottery by the Comédie de Colmar

LE Wednesday 21 APR 2021

He is the star of provincial halls, the king of lottery evenings, which he animates with fantasy and brio. The hour of reunion between the father and his adopted daughter back in the village ....

  • 1 Rue de l'Huilerie Espace Rive Droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Wednesday from 20h30 at 22h00

Musical Schow : Brel 2.0

LE Friday 30 APR 2021

The Lindecker brothers, in love with French song and the monster that Jacques Brel was, took the crazy gamble of offering a modern setting to the treasures of the great Jacques.

  • 1 Rue de l'Huilerie Espace Rive Droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Friday from 20h30 at 22h00

Young Audience Show: The Paper Girl

LE Friday 21 May 2021

By the company Les Fées du Logis. Shut up for seventy-nine years in a house that nothing can shake, far from the world today, Ida, the old lady, is looking for a way out. His dearest wish: to see the outside world one last time....

  • 1 Rue de l'Huilerie Espace Rive Droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Friday from 18h30 at 19h00

Young audience show: DZAA

DU Saturday 05 JUN 2021 AU Sunday 06 JUN 2021

By the Turtle Company. From and by Delphine Noly (narrative and Kora) and Rebecca Handleyv (cello), freely inspired by the novel Mongol by Karin Serres The story of Lucas, an eight-year-old boy harassed at school because he’s a...

  • 1 Rue de l'Huilerie Espace Rive Droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Saturday, Sunday from 18h00 at 19h00

Musical show Saori Jo

LE Saturday 12 JUN 2021

Saori Jo (piano and vocals), Miguel Ruiz (guitars, choirs), Foes (bass, choirs), and Olivier Aslan (drums). Saori Jo, delivers an electric universe with pop rock trends. The group prefers to deliver a personal pop, on solid...

  • 1 Rue de l'Huilerie Espace Rive Droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Saturday from 20h30 at 22h00

Musical show:la Camelote

LE Saturday 09 OCT 2021

A vintage flea market, five musicians with "movie faces" and a singer with devastating banter ... La Camelote is unpacking its stalls of yesteryear! And for hardly a smile, these Parisian neo-titis offer you to offer memories,...

  • 1 Rue de l'Huilerie Espace Rive Droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Saturday from 20h30 at 22h00

Christmas Market

DU Friday 26 NOV 2021 AU Thursday 30 DEC 2021

In Turckheim, the Land of Stars, the elves will open the doors of their Christmas market. Throughout the Advent season, a small imaginary world will occupy the place of the City Hall: a magical village, made of original wooden...

  • place de l'Hôtel de Ville 68230 Turckheim
  • Everyday from 10h00 at 19h00


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