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Regional produce market

From Friday 04 JAN 2019 To Friday 27 DEC 2019

You wild find a variety of local products (vegetables, fruit, cheese, meat ....), textile.

  • 6 rue du Conseil Hôtel de Ville 68230 Turckheim
  • Friday from 07h00 at 12h00

Show la tournée

Saturday 23 FEB 2019

Rose and Petunia, sisters and opera singers, shone on the national stages with their Recital on Mozart. A creation of the Company Sorella, the direction: Etienne Bayart, piano, Joachim Baumann, with Fiona Chaudon, Sarah Frick -...

  • Rue de la Filature Espace Rive droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Saturday Near : 20h30

Alsatian Theater : Internet ender net

Saturday 02 MAR 2019
Sunday 03 MAR 2019

Comedy in 3 acts by Claude Herrmann By the Alsatian Theater of Colmar Melanie is looking for a soul mate for her son Valentin. Thanks to the internet, it's not a problem anymore! The candidates will be numerous and motivated...

  • 1 rue de l'Huilerie Espace Rive Droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Saturday Near : 20h30

Popular Marche

Sunday 17 MAR 2019

Family Associaiton proposes you 2 circuit from 5 or 10 hiking trails.

  • 1 rue de l'Huilerie Espace Rive Droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Sunday from 07h00 at 18h00

Conference : Meierhof farm with Trois-Epis

Friday 22 MAR 2019

The Meierhof farm at Trois-Epis, the town-farm of Turckheim 1698-2016.

  • 6 rue du Conseil Salle de la Décapole 68230 Turckheim
  • Friday from 20h15 at 22h00

Theater : rien ne meurt comme ma mère

Saturday 23 MAR 2019

A play by Hélène Lacoste and Fiona Chaudon, by the Compagnie Plus d'Une Voix. Come back to leave. That's what Lila was doing when she was little. '' All the time part '', according to the words of his mother. Now you have to...

  • 1 rue de l'Huilerie Espace rive droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Saturday Near : 20h30

Show by the Cabaret L'Acteur Jovial

Saturday 30 MAR 2019

for the benefit of the ''Association l'étoile de Monique''. Humorous and satirical magazine which drains an enthusiastic and faithful public. Spectacles of sketches, songs, mime burlesque, everything is good to comb through,...

  • 1 rue de l'Huilerie Espace Rive Droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Saturday from 20h30 at 22h00

Concert by the Gospel's Rejoicing Choir

Sunday 07 APR 2019


  • rue du Conseil Eglise Sainte Anne 68230 Turckheim
  • Sunday from 16h30 at 18h00

Easter in Turckheim - Exhibition

Sunday 14 APR 2019
From Monday 15 APR 2019 To Monday 22 APR 2019

Exhibition ''Easter in Turckheim" : egg theme.

  • Corps de Garde 68230 Turckheim
  • Sunday from 14h00 at 19h00

Party of the rose

Sunday 14 APR 2019

Exhibitors around the rose and the garden

  • 68410 Les Trois Epis
  • Sunday from 09h00 at 18h00

Round of the night-watchman

From Saturday 20 APR 2019 To Monday 22 APR 2019

Special rounds of the Night watchman a Sunday and Easter Monday.

  • 68230 Turckheim
  • Monday, Saturday, Sunday Near : 22h00

Arrival of the Hare of Easter

Sunday 21 APR 2019

The hare of Easter welcomes the children, the distribution of Easter eggs

  • 68230 Turckheim
  • Sunday Near : 11h00

Musical show : Babanu quartet

Saturday 27 APR 2019

Babanu Quartet arose from a meeting between musicians sharing the same voracious passion: the music to klezmer, since its origins in Central Europe via(including) its integration in the American jazz....

  • 1 Rue de l'Huilerie Espace Rive Droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Saturday Near : 20h30

Daily round of the night-watchman

From Wednesday 01 May 2019 To Thursday 31 OCT 2019

Come participate around in the Night watchman Tour who for the opportunity is dressed in period costume, carrying three-cornered hat, halberd, horn(corn) and lantern. You can meet him in the bend of a pavement, at 10 pm from May...

  • 68230 Turckheim
  • Everyday from 22h00 at 23h00

Comedy : Maman et moi et les hommes

Tuesday 07 May 2019

1943, in Norway, Sigard and Gudrun get married, for the best but soon the worst, because Sigard leaves the home shortly after the birth of Liv.... Show from 15 years

  • 1 rue de l'Huilerie Espace Rive Droite 68230 Turckheim
  • Tuesday Near : 20h30

Exhibit of paintings

From Friday 17 May 2019 To Sunday 19 May 2019

Painting from Arc en ciel

  • 6 Rue du Conseil Hôtel de Ville 68230 Turckheim
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 15h00 at 19h00

Flea market

Sunday 19 May 2019

This year, exactly 20 years ago, the Turckheim Flea Market exists. Located along three streets that form a triangle, it welcomes each year more and more exhibitors. Stands for drinks and snacks on site. Registration of April 27,...

  • 68230 Turckheim
  • Sunday from 08h00 at 18h00


From Friday 07 JUN 2019 To Sunday 16 JUN 2019

Medical exhibition on stress management in surgery from Yves Michaud.

  • 6 rue du Conseil Hôtel de Ville 68230 Turckheim
  • Everyday from 15h00 at 19h00

Historic Rally car

Saturday 08 JUN 2019
Sunday 09 JUN 2019

The major European event in the field of meetings and historic vehicle races.

  • place des antonins 68410 Les Trois Epis
  • Saturday from 08h00 at 19h00

Week-end in the Garden

From Saturday 08 JUN 2019 To Sunday 09 JUN 2019

Exhibition on the theme: animals in the garden.

  • 68410 Les Trois Epis
  • Saturday, Sunday All day long


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